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Finding a great home loan involves careful consideration of your needs, finances and history. We are here to guide you.


ADU Financing / ADU Loans

Accessory Dwelling Unit

The Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU) is a 2nd housing unit that can be added to an existing home lot usually in the back yard where the unit can be rented out for additional cash flow for the homeowner. We provide financing (ADU Loans) to homeowners for these additions to be built and installed on their property.

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Homes for Heroes is a program where we give back to those who serve our communities.  We do this by offering those who serve a discount on closing costs.

We discount the following on our loans to our local Heroes:

We Waive the Processing Fee up to $1095

We Reimburse the appraisal cost with no limit.  (Estimated value between 530 – 895)

We also work with other Real Estate Professionals who want to pitch in and help lower costs across the board.

Escrow Services with a 20% discount,

Realtors giving between 28-30% of their revenue back,

Insurance Broker Donating to Charities supporting Heroes locally

We also donate, volunteer and work with organizations who help within these communities as well.  We want to do our part to help our community heroes have all the support they deserve.   Learn more about our involvement in the About Us page.

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