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Homes for Heroes is a program where we give back to those who serve our communities.  We do this by offering those who serve a discount on closing costs, working with local charities and organizations that support these groups, and we offer free education, tools, and support to help our Heroes get the maximum value from owning their home.

Discounts on Closing Costs Benefit

Patriot Equity Mortgage discounts the following on our loans to our local Heroes:

We Waive/ Reimburse the Processing Fee.  It can range from $650 to $1100

We Reimburse the appraisal cost with no limit.  (Estimated value between 530 – 895)


We also work with additional Real Estate Professionals who want to pitch in and help lower costs across the board.  Industry Compliance dictates how some are able to give back.

Escrow Services, with a 20% discount,

Title Services, not fully Homes for Heroes, they do offer a 25% discount to Veterans, First Time Home Buyers and Senior Citizens.

Realtors, giving between 28-30% of their revenue back, or $700 per $100,000 in purchase price

Insurance Broker, donating to Charities supporting Heroes locally

ADU Builder, we work with a home remodeler / ADU design and build company to bring our heroes $700 in discount per 100,000 cost of renovation or ADU build.

Home Inspection, we are talking with a home inspection company who is thinking of discounting a $50 minimum on Home Inspections and doing 10% off all services if they go over $500 in total costs.  We will let you know when they join the Homes for Heroes program.

We will continue to add to help you get the most benefits available!

This can add up to a benefit of over $10,000 to our local hero.


Working with Local Charities and Organizations to Support Our Heroes

We also donate, volunteer and work with organizations who help within these communities as well.  We want to do our part to help our community heroes have all the support they deserve.   Here is a list of some of the charities we are involved in helping them with their missions.

DAV (Disabled American Veterans)

Association of Orange County Deputy Sheriffs

Orange County Professional Fire Fighters

Irvine Public Schools Foundation

Patriots and Paws 

Toys for Tots

CHOC Foundation


We will post more information as we grow our relationships with these organizations and others within our communities.

Free Education, Tools, and Support to Help Our Heroes get the Most Out of Owning Their Home

The average homeowner stores 83% of their wealth in their homes, and the average homeowner is almost 50 times wealthier than the average renter.

With this in mind, we set out to make sure you get the most out of owning your home.  We start with the Perfect Mortgage Promise.  With this promise we take a deeper look into your goals for home owning.  We do this by asking more questions about where you want to be, and what you want to accomplish, including your short-term, mid-range, and long-range goals, and making sure you know all of the ways to insure and protect your investment into your home.  To ensure you stay on track to reach your goals we schedule Annual Financial Reviews in case life changes your trajectory and you need to update your goals or need help getting back on track.  Build Generational Wealth through Real Estate and take advantage of space maximization opportunities.

Once you go under contract and are going through the loan process, you will get access to our Relocation Technology to assist in moving and getting re-established at your new home.

A Home Concierge Service is available at no cost to help our clients keep track and keep up with their home maintenance.

To keep our clients informed with up to the date data on their home investment, we send out Monthly Wealth Digests which includes an equity statement, options for your specific property, and market news.

When you are ready to sell your home, we have a Pre-Sale Renovation to help you maximize your profits from the sale of your home with 0 out of pocket cost to the homeowner.  This program allows the home seller to basically flip their own home.  The average gain in sales price is 150% of the cost of the renovation.

We rely on Trusted Professionals to help our clients with needs beyond what we do to help our clients maximize their wealth from owning their homes.  Reach out to us for referrals and you can have access to those we know can be of service to you.


Specialty Loan Programs for our Heroes

Below is a list of programs that may be of more benefit than traditional mortgages.  Call (949) 431-9994 to get your questions answered on any of these programs.

Freddie Mac Choice Renovation: buy a home, (Build an ADU) and use the rental income from the yet to be built ADU to help qualify (expected income in Orange County can range from 1200-3000 per month), GET the CAL HFA 40k grant and add to Homes for Heroes Benefits for up to 50,000 towards the purchase of your home and ADU addition.

Dr Loan Program: We have a first-time homebuyer program for medical professionals.  Here you can buy a home with 3% down for a loan amount up to 850,000.  Up to 1,500,000 loan amount.  Need 3 months reserves up to 850,000 and 6 from 850k to 1,500,000.   The DTI is 45% and can go to 50% if the cause is from deferred for at least 12 months student loans.  The loan is either a 5, 7, or 10 year ARM.  A client can use an offer letter as income to qualify provided they start within 60 days of closing and can be approved for up to 90 days.

Cal HFA Forgivable Equity Builder: This program has a limited income, and it varies by county.  In Riverside County for Example, the maximum income is 69,920.  That makes qualifying for a home over 450,000 hard to do.  Must have minimum debt as the biggest limiting factor will be debt to income ratio as there is a limited supply of housing in the approvable price range.    But the benefit of this program is they forgive 10% of the purchase price on the second loan if the client lives in the home for 5 years.  This is a great way to get a head start on building equity.

Down Payment Assistance: We currently have several different sources for down payment assistance.  Cal HFA, Chenoa, CHFA, WHEDA, The Lakeview National Community Lending Program, Springboard to Homeownership and Fahe My Place DPA.  With these programs we can find ways to help our clients get into a home with minimal down so they can retain their savings to help keep their investment in their homes secure.

VA Loans: Veterans, Veterans and Spouse, and Widows of deceased Veterans, can get 100% financing with the VA loan. The VA loan has allowable and non-allowable closing costs which is a plus for our clients and a VA loan is easier to qualify for borrowers than other 100% programs as they can be approved with higher Debt to Income ratio’s.  The rates are also lower and there is no monthly PMI, only an upfront VA Funding Fee which is usually financed into the loan.

100% LTV VA Cash Out: Most Cash Out loan programs are capped at 80% loan to value.  With the VA Cash Out loan a client can take out up to 100% of the value of their home on a cash out refinance.

VA Renovation:  Up to 50,000 toward remodeling and improvements.  Great for refreshing your home (new paint, countertops, flooring, appliances, or windows and roofing).  Can include luxury items such as pool or outdoor living space.  100% financing on purchase and 90% financing on refinances.  970,800 loan limit.

Reverse Mortgage: This loan is a great tool for retirees to use the equity build up in their homes to help fund a part of their retirement.  This loan can be used in several different ways in planning for retirement.  1.  Cash can be used to pay off debts and your current mortgage if there is enough equity.  There would be no monthly debt payments for cashflow purposes going into retirement with this option.  2.  An Equity Line can be set up, so you have essentially a credit card against your equity that you do not have to pay back until you payoff the Reverse Mortgage.  3.  Monthly payments can be set up to give you a stipend. additional income when you retire. 4.  Any combination of all of these options.  You can use 1,2 or all 3 options if you are able to spread out the money accordingly for the plan. 5.  A Reverse Mortgage can be used to purchase your retirement home where you will live as your primary residence.  This will allow you to keep more of your savings liquid so you can access the funds as you need them.

We can meet with your financial planner to help determine how to best utilize the Reverse Mortgage to set you up for a great retirement.

ADU Financing: We have numerous programs to help our clients add an ADU to increase the value of their homes and earn additional passive income.  Go here for a detailed list of programs.  Equity Mortgage Services in Irvine CA – ADU Financing / ADU Loans (


We have access to numerous additional traditional programs as well.  Call us about your scenario so we can better assist you in achieving your dreams and goals. 

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