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We have many different financing options available to help get you the financing you need so you can own or add an ADU to your property.

But the first place to start is with a search on your property address to see if your home even qualifies for an ADU and to see what is possible with an ADU on your property. 

Below is all of the current financing options we have available.  We are always looking for more programs to help you get the financing you need to build an ADU on your property.

Coming Soon! CAL HFA $40,000 ADU Grants to help with the soft costs of building an ADU.  This grant will be available on select loans from a CAL HFA approved lender.  This is free money from the state of California to help get you going on building an ADU to help with the housing shortage crisis.

Ask us about any program that may be right for you. 

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  1. Fixed Rate 2nd Mortgage Loans: A fixed rate loan gives you the certainty that your payment will not change over time, and you can plan around that payment.


  1. HELOC (Home Equity Line Of Credit) – This loan is interest only at first. Usually, it’s for 10 years.  Then the loan converts to an amortizing loan.  This allows clients to have a lower payment while the property is growing in value.  A neat trick with this loan is that the payment decreases a little each time you pay down principal on the loan balance.  There is now a Stated Income 1rst Lien HELOC and a Renovation Line of Credit which uses the ARV (After Renovated Value) to help qualify.


  1. Freddie Mac Choice Renovation Loan: This mortgage allows a home buyer to buy a home, build an ADU, and use the income from the ADU to qualify for the home purchase.  Coastal Handyman Pros has a relationship with this lender to help make this program easier for their customers to achieve. to get even more benefit with this program you can get $40,000 in free money from the Cal HFA grant to lower the loan balance and even more …. around $10,000 potentially from our Homes for Heroes program.


  1. Other Renovation Financing: FHA 203k loan for those with lower credit scores or other situations where this program is easier to qualify for than the others.  You cannot use the income to qualify for the loan on this on or on Home Style Renovation Loan through Freddie Mac.  We offer both loans. As well as Jumbo Renovation loan.  The Jumbo Renovation Loan is for those who want to do other renovations to really increase the after renovated value and have lots of equity in their property after completion.


  1. Cash Out Refinance: We have Conventional, VA, FHA, and Jumbo Cash Out Refinances We can keep everything in 1 loan if you want to pull cash out to pay for the ADU construction from your home with a first mortgage option.


  1. Non-QM Cash Out Refinance: We have Bank Statement Loans for self-employed clients who prefer to minimize the documentation on their financing. We also have a loan for real estate investors called the Debt Service Coverage Ratio Loan or DSCR for short.  This loan works off the rental income for qualifying income.  We also have alternative income documentation loans such as VOE (Verification of Employment) Loans, P&L Loans, or 1099 Only Loans to have alternative ways to document income for your financing.  The rates on these programs are a little higher than the conventional options so we recommend trying to go that route first before looking into these loans.


  1. Reverse Mortgage: A Reverse Mortgage can be used to get the cash you need to build an ADU to supplement your retirement income.


  1. Personal Loan: We have a personal loan option for when you either don’t want a mortgage or you need more cash out after you hit your cash out limits with a second mortgage.  This loan has a similar rate to a second mortgage and is on a 7-year amortization term.   There is a $50,000 minimum for this loan program and specific lender.


  1. Commercial Lending: We have financing available for up to 8-unit properties to receive cash out for ADU financing.  Equity Based Financing Hard Money Loans on Commercial or investment properties to 65 LTV, Multi Unit Commercial Cash out and Rate Term Refi, Private Lenders, and Small Business Term Loans and Lines of Credit



Teachers, Veterans, Police, Fire Fighters, Nurses/ Medical Professionals:

We put together a package of discounts across several vendors in the homebuying/ refinancing process including Escrow, Title, Home Insurance, Participating Realtors and more.  Find out how much you can save in rebate, discounts or in donations to supportive charities.  For more info go here and here and

Call (949)-431-9994 or Click to Apply Now!

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