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About Us

A little about how we began and where we are going.

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How and Why, We are Different from Others

The Average American earns and keeps 83% of their wealth in their homes.  It makes sense for mortgage brokers and lenders to do more for their clients then just lend them the money and wish them good luck after closing…..

Patriot Equity Mortgage LLC is a mortgage company designed to help our clients with their Financial Transitions Plans to help them maximize their opportunities to build wealth and get the most out of owning their homes and any real estate investments.  We start with the Perfect Mortgage Promise.  This is a series of questions beyond the typical mortgage application designed to not only look at your home financing but also to see how that fits into your overall budget and lifestyle.   We want to ensure you can build generational wealth and Maximize your Wealth through Real Estate.  We want to make sure you know the best ways to protect your investment in your home.  We have Trusted Professionals we refer to in helping our clients accomplish this.   To assist our clients with moving we have a Relocation Technology make the process smoother for our clients.  Once our clients complete their transactions, we want our clients to know we are with them throughout the life of their mortgage.  We give the gift of a Home Concierge Service to help them maintain their home at a high level as well as keep them informed of their wealth accumulating from owning with Monthly Wealth Digests.  In addition, we schedule Annual Financial Reviews to make sure we are on top of helping clients achieve their goals and be ready for any life changes that may occur.

Our Values, Involvement, and Investments in Our Community

Patriot Equity Mortgage LLC. strives to promote family values, pride in our country, and pride in owning your own home as well. Patriot Equity Mortgage LLC is a Veteran owned company and support other Veteran owned companies.  This company and its employee supports local organizations such as the American Legion including Irvine’s chapter American Legion Post 838 ( and The Rotary Club.


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